Early life and training

Rahat Ji (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) was born on 1st January 1950 in Indore to a material plant representative, Raftullah Qureshi, and Maqbool Un Nisha Begum. They are the fourth offspring of the two.

He got his initial instruction at Nutan School Indore. He (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) finished his graduation in 1973 from Islamia Karimiya College Indore and did an MA in Urdu Literature from Barkatullah University, Bhopal, in 1975. After that Ph.D. in Urdu Literature from Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University, Madhya Pradesh, in 1985, Has gotten the title.

Opening day

Rahat (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi)Indori Ji began showing Urdu writing at Indrakumar College, Indore, in the underlying stage. As indicated by his understudies, he was a decent teacher of the school.

Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi
Rahat Indori

At that point in the middle of he got occupied with Mushayars and began accepting solicitations from all over India and abroad. He had a precious capacity, challenging work, and an unmistakable style of the craft of words, which rapidly and all around made him well known among the majority.

Rahat (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) Saheb immediately settled a unique spot for himself in the hearts of individuals. Inside three to four years, the aroma of his verse made him a famous artist in the realm of Urdu writing.

He was capable of concentrates as well as capable of sports. He was likewise the skipper of football and hockey group at school and school level. He was just 19 when he discussed his first verse in quite a while on school days.

Private lives (rahat indori shayari in hindi)

Rahat Ji (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) had two senior sisters named Tehzeeb and Takib, one senior sibling Akeel and afterward one more youthful sibling Adil. The money related state of the family was not excellent, and Rahat Ji (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) needed to confront numerous troubles in the underlying days.

 He began filling in as a sign-painter in his city under ten years old. The painting was one of his regions of intrigue and, before long, increased a name. He turned into Indore’s busiest billboard painter in the blink of an eye.

Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi
Rahat Indori with family

 Because of his ability, extraordinary plan aptitudes, great shading sense, and creative mind, and that is the reason he is additionally celebrated. It was additionally when clients were permitted to hold up a long time to get the loads up painted by help.

The paint for the shops here can be seen in numerous billboards even yesterday in Indore. He kicked the bucket on 11th August 2020 because of cardiovascular failure.

Realities About Rahat Indori

Does he smoke and drink? No

Before beginning his vocation in verse, he used to paint a business banner. He additionally painted some Bollywood film banners.

He was accepted at both examinations and sports. Rahat (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) was a commander of the Football and Hockey group at school and school level.

Indori showed up in The Kapil Sharma Show twice with Kumar Vishwas and Ashok Chakradhar. He was additionally welcomed as a visitor in Wah! Wah! Kya Baat Hai show on Sab Tv.

Name of his wife

Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi
Wife of Rahat Indori

He initially wedded Seema Rahat (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) on 27th May 1986. Together the couple had a girl named Shibil and two children named Faisal and Satlaj Rahat. He, at that point, wedded Anjum Rehbar. Following hardly any long stretches of their marriage, the two of them likewise isolated.

Rahat Indori Shayari

  • ek hee nadee ke hain ye do kinaare doston

dostaana zindagee se maut se yaaree rakho

  • beemaar ko maraz kee dava denee chaahie

            main peena chaahata hoon pila denee chaahie

  • aphavaah thee kee meree tabiyat kharaab hai

logon ne poochh poochh ke beemaar kar diya

  •   sabhee ka khoon hai shaamil yahaan kee mittee mein

             kisee ke baap ka hindustaan thodee hai

  • andar ka zahar choom liya dhul ke aa gae

       kitane shareef log the sab khul ke aa gae

  • do gaj sahee magar ye meree milkiyat to hai,

ai maut toone mujhako jameendaar kar diya

  • main jaanata hoon dushman bhee kam nahin,

lekin hamaaree tarah hathelee par jaan thodee hai

  • kisane dastak dee, kaun hai

aap to andar hai baahar kaun hai

  • shaakhon se toot jaen vo patte nahin hain ham

aandhee se koee kah de ki auqaat mein rahe

  • ise padhen: raahat indauree se poochha, umradaraaj hokar romaantik shaayaree kaise likhate hain, dil jeet lega javaab
  • ye zindagee jo mujhe qarz-daar karatee rahee

  kaheen akele mein mil jae to hisaab karoon

  •  janaaze par mire likh dena yaaro

  mohabbat karane vaala ja raha hai

  • dostee jab kisee se kee jae

  dushmanon kee bhee raay lee jae

  • main jab mar jaoon to meree alag pahachaan likh dena

  lahoo se meree peshaanee par hindustaan likh dena

  • mere hujare mein nahin aur kaheen par rakh do

  aasamaan lae ho le aao zameen par rakh do

  • ye boodhee qabren tumhen kuchh nahin bataengee

  mujhe talaash karo dosto yaheen hoon main

  • ab na main hoon na baaqee hain zamaane mere,

  phir bhee mashahoor hain shaharon mein fasaane mere

  • log har mod pe ruk ruk ke sanbhalate kyoon hain

itana darate hain to phir ghar se nikalate kyoon hain

  • ajeeb log hain meree talaash mein mujh ko

vahaan pe dhoondh rahe hain jahaan nahin hoon main

  • baadashaahon se bhee phenke hue sikke na lie

ham ne khairaat bhee maangee hai to khuddaaree se

  • ye haadasa to kisee din gujarane vaala tha

main bach bhee jaata to ek roj marane vaala tha

  • hon laakh zulm magar bad-dua nahin denge

zameen maan hai zameen ko daga nahin denge

  • jo aaj saahibe masanad hain kal nahin honge

kiraedaar hain zaatee makaan thodee hai

  • sabhee ka khoon hai shaamil yahaan kee mittee mein

kisee ke baap ka hindostaan thodee hai

  • bulaatee hai magar jaane ka naeen

vo duniya hai udhar jaane ka naeen

  • hai duniya chhodana manzoor lekin

vatan ko chhod kar jaane ka naeen

  • janaaze hee janaaze hain sadak par

abhee maahaul mar jaane ka naeen

  • sitaare noch kar le jaoonga

main khaalee haath ghar jaane ka naeen

  • mire bete kisee se ishq kar

magar had se guzar jaane ka naeen

  • vo gardan naapata hai naap le

magar zaalim se dar jaane ka naeen

  • Sadak par arthiyaan hee arthiyaan hain

abhee maahaul mar jaane ka naeen

  • vaba phailee huee hai har taraf

abhee maahaul mar jaane ka naeen

  • zubaan to khol, nazar to mila, javaab to de

main kitanee baar luta hoon, mujhe hisaab to de

  • log har mod pe ruk ruk ke sambhalate kyon hain

itana darate hain, to ghar se nikalate kyon hain

  • shaakhon se toot jaen, vo patte nahin hain ham

aandhee se koee kah de ki aukaat mein rahe

  • ek hee nadee ke hain ye do kinaare doston

dostaana zindagee se, maut se yaaree rakho

  • pyaas to apanee saat samandar jaisee thee

naahak hamane baarish ka ehasaan liya

  • aankh mein paanee rakho honton pe chingaaree rakho,

zinda rahana hai to tarakeeben bahut saaree rakho,

  • har ek harph ka andaaj badal rakkha hai

aaj se hamane tera naam gazal rakkha hai

  • mainne shaahon kee mohabbat ka bharam tod diya

mere kamare mein bhee ek taajamahal rakkha hai

  • haath khaalee hain tere shahar se jaate jaate,

jaan hotee to meree jaan lutaate jaate.

  • ajanabee khvaahishen seene mein daba bhee na sakoon,

aise ziddee hain parinde ki uda bhee na sakoon,

phoonk daaloonga kisee roz main dil kee duniya,

ye tera khat to nahin hai ki jala bhee na sakoon.

  • toofaanon se aankh milao, sailaabon par vaar karo

mallaahon ka chakkar chhodo, tair ke dariya paar karo

  • jubaan to khol, najar to mila, javaab to de

main kitanee baar luta hoon, hisaab to de

  • phoolon kee dukaanen kholo, khushaboo ka vyaapaar karo

ishq khata hai to, ye khata ek baar nahin, sau baar karo

  • ye haadasa to kisee din gujarane vaala tha

main bach bhee jaata to ek roj marane vaala tha

  • andar ka zahar choom liya dhul ke aa gae

kitane shareef log the sab khul ke aa gae

  • roz taaron ko numaish mein khalal padata hai

chaand paagal hai anndhere mein nikal padata hai

DEATH – 11th August 2020

Eminent film lyricist and famous Urdu artist Rahat Indori (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi), who passed on because of the crown, yesterday at Arvindo Hospital in Indore. Yesterday around evening time, Rahat Sahab (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) will be given over to the memorial park in Chhoti Khazrani.

At 5 pm on Tuesday, he bid farewell to this world until the end of time. Individuals didn’t accept the underlying news. At the point when it had affirmed that Dr. Rahat Indori (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) was not anymore, an influx of grieving seethed among his fans alongside the universe of writing.

Rahat Indori(Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi), who has a weird association with Indore, is the individual who named Indore immovably on the table of the world. After the demise of Rahat Indouri (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi), born on 1st January 1950, Dr. Mehak Bhandari of Arvindo Hospital told that he was experiencing treatment in a private medical clinic for 4-5 days due to being unwell. He (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) was admitted to Aurobindo Hospital daily and a half prior, and in the wake of experiencing crown assessment, he came positive.

Dr. Mehak Bhandari said that he was experiencing hypertension, diabetes, and kidney ailment. At 1 p.m. on Tuesday, he out of nowhere had a chest torment and went into heart failure. The specialist attempted to give him CPR; after that, he was additionally restored; however, after that, he was unable to keep up his circulatory strain, and after that, he passed on.

Rahat Indouri’s (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) senior child Faizal Rahat (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) said that he had been feeling somewhat anxious for as far back as multi-week however had no indications of Kovid. We were in contact with his customary specialist, the specialist gave him medication, yet he was resting a lot with it. Afterward, the specialist would not give that medication, and when we halted that medication, the help was more Began to freeze. After this, the x-beam of the ECG and chest was done on Sunday early daytime, as indicated by the specialist’s counsel. After the Opinion of individual specialists, he was determined to have manifestations of pneumonia.

He has a heart issue and is likewise diabetic, so he was given a CT sweep of Rahat Sahab (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) in CHL Hospital, in which the issue of pneumonia was additionally uncovered. After this, we conversed with Indore Selector. At that point on Sunday evening, he was admitted to Aurobindo Hospital.

As per Faizal Rahat (Rahat Indori Shayari), till half-past two toward the evening, he was somewhat delicate, and between 2.45 pm, he came to heart failure, and the specialists attempted to spare him by putting them on the ventilator, and at 5 pm Rahat sahib (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) was no longer with us. Rahat Indouri’s child Faizal Rahat (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi) additionally told that he was experiencing treatment for pneumonia before coming to Corona positive.

More Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi

ååñkhðñ mêïñ þååñêê råkhðñ, hðñ†hð þê ¢hïñgåårêê råkhð
jïñÐå råhåñå håï †ð †åråkêêßê ßåhµ† §åårêê råkhð
rååh kê þ円hår §ê ßåÐh kê, kµ¢hh ñåhïñ håïñ måñjïlêñ
rå姆ê ååvååz Ðê†ê håïñ, §å£år jåårêê råkhð

jåågåñê kêê ßhêê, jågååñê kêê ßhêê, ååÐå† hð jåê
kåå§h †µjhåkð kï§êê §håå¥år §ê mðhåßßå† hð jåê
Ðððr håm kï†åñê Ðïñ §ê håïñ, ¥ê kåßhêê gåµr kï¥å
þhïr ñå kåhåñå jð åmååñå† mêïñ khå¥ååñå† hð jåê

§ððråj, §ï†åårê, ¢hååñÐ mêrê §åå†h mêïñ råhêñ
jåß †åk †µmhåårê håå†h mêrê håå†h mêïñ råhêñ
§hååkhðñ §ê †ðð† jåê vð þ円ê ñåhïñ håïñ håm
ååñÐhêê §ê kðêê kåh Ðê kêê åµkåå† mêïñ råhêñ

gµlååß, khvååß, Ðåvå, zåhår, jååm k¥å k¥å håïñ
mêïñ åå gå¥å hµ ßå†å ïñ†åzååm k¥å k¥å håïñ
£åqêêr, §hååh, kålåñÐår, ïmååm k¥å k¥å håïñ
†µjhê þå†å ñåhïñ †êrå gµlååm k¥å k¥å håïñ

kåßhêê måhåk kêê †åråh håm gµlðñ §ê µÐå†ê håïñ
kåßhêê Ðhµêñ kêê †åråh þårvå†ðñ §ê µÐå†ê håïñ
¥ê kê¢hï¥ååñ håmêñ µÐåñê §ê khååk rðkêñgêê
kêê håm þårðñ §ê ñåhïñ h嵧ålðñ §ê µÐå†ê håïñ

hår êk hår£ kå åñÐååz ßåÐål råkhå håïñ
ååj §ê håmåñê †êrå ñååm gåzål råkhå håïñ
måïññê §hååhðñ kêê mðhåßßå† kå ßhåråm †ðÐ Ðï¥å
mêrê kåmårê mêïñ ßhêê êk “†ååjåmåhål” råkhå håïñ

jåvååñïðñ mêïñ jåvååñêê kð Ðhµl kårå†ê håïñ
jð lðg ßhððl ñåhïñ kårå†ê, ßhððl kårå†ê håïñ
ågår åñååråkålêê håïñ §åßåß ßågååvå† kå
§ålêêm håm †êrêê §hår†ê kåßððl kårå†ê håïñ

ñåê §å£år kå ñå¥å ïñ†åzååm kåh Ðêñgê
håvå kð Ðhµþ, ¢håråågðñ kð §hååm kåh Ðêñgê
kï§êê §ê håå†h ßhêê ¢hhµþ kår mïlåïê
våråñå ï§ê ßhêê måµlåvêê §ååhåß hårååm kåh Ðêñgê

jåvååñ ååñkhðñ kê jµgåñðð ¢håmåk råhê hðñgê
åß åþåñê gååñv mêïñ åmårµÐ þåk råhê hðñgê
ßhµlååÐê mµjhåkð mågår, mêrêê µñgålï¥ðñ kê ñï§hååñ
†êrê ßåÐåñ þê åßhêê †åk ¢håmåk råhê hðñgê

§åråhåÐðñ þår †åñååv hê k¥å
zårå þå†å †ð kårð ¢hµñååv håïñ k¥å
§håhårðñ mêïñ †ð ßåårððÐð kå m嵧åm håïñ
gååñv ¢hålðñ åmårððÐð kå m嵧åm håïñ

kååm §åß gêråzårµrêê håïñ, jð §åß kårå†ê håïñ
åµr håm kµ¢hh ñåhïñ kårå†ê håïñ, gåjåß kårå†ê håïñ
ååþ kêê ñåzårðñ måïñ, §ððråj kêê håïñ jï†åñêê åjåmå†
håm ¢håråågðñ kå ßhêê, µ†åñå hêê åÐåß kårå†ê håïñ

¥ê §åhåårå jð ñå hð †ð þårê§hååñ hð jåê
mµ§hkïlêñ jååñ hêê lêlê ågår åå§ååñ hð jåê
¥ê kµ¢hh lðg þhår阮ðñ §ê ßåñê þhïrå†ê håïñ
mêrê h円hê kåßhêê ¢håÐh jåå¥ê †ð ïñ§ååñ hð jåê

rðz †åårðñ kð ñµmåï§h mêïñ khålål þåÐå†å håïñ
¢hååñÐ þåågål håïñ åñÐhêrêñ mêïñ ñïkål þåÐå†å håïñ
µ§åkêê ¥ååÐ ååêê håïñ §ååñ§ðñ, jårå Ðhêêrê ¢hålð
ÐhåÐåkåñðñ §ê ßhêê ïßååÐå† mêïñ khålål þåÐå†å håïñ

låvê Ðêê¥ðñ kêê håvå mêïñ µ¢hhåålå†ê råhåñå
gµlð kê råñg þê †êjååß Ðåålå†ê råhåñå
mêïñ ñððr ßåñ kê zåmååñê mêïñ £åïl jåððñgå
†µm ååþhå†ååß mêïñ kêêÐê ñïkåålå†ê råhåñå

jµßå †ð khðl, ñåzår †ð mïlå,jåvååß †ð Ðê
mêïñ kï†åñêê ßåår lµ†å hµ, mµjhê hï§ååß †ð Ðê
†êrê ßåÐåñ kêê lïkhååvå† mêïñ håïñ µ†åår ¢håÐhååv
mêïñ †µjhåkð kåï§ê þåÐhððñgå, mµjhê kï†ååß †ð Ðê

§å£år kêê håÐ håï våhååñ †åk kêê kµ¢hh ñï§hååñ råhê
¢hålê ¢hålð kêê jåhååñ †åk ¥ê åå§åmååñ råhê
¥ê k¥å µ†håå¥ê kåÐåm åµr åå gå¥êê måñjïl
måzå †ð †åß håï kê þåïrðñ mêïñ kµ¢hh †håkååñ råhê

†µþhååñð §ê ååñkh mïlåð, §åïlååßðñ þê våår kårð
mållååhð kå ¢håkkår ¢hhðÐð, †åïr kår Ðårï¥å þåår kårð
þhððlð kêê еkååñê khðlð, khµ§håßµ kå v¥ååþår kårð
ï§hk khå†å håïñ, †ð ¥ê khå†å êk ßåår ñåhïñ, §åµ ßåår kårð

ᵤₛₖᵢ ₖₐₜₕₐᵢ ₐₐₙₖₕₒ ₘₑ ⱼₐₙₜₐᵣ₋ₘₐₙₜₐᵣ ₛₐb
Cₕₐₐₖᵤ₋wₐₐₖᵤ,cₕₕᵤᵣᵢ₋wᵤᵣᵢ,ₖₕₐₙⱼₐᵣ₋wₐₙⱼₐᵣ ₛₐb
ⱼᵢₛ dᵢₙ ₛₑ ₜᵤₘ ᵣᵤₜₕᵢ,ₘᵤⱼₕₛₑ ᵣᵤₜₕₑ ₕₐᵢₙ
Cₕₐₐdₐᵣ₋wₐₐdₐᵣ,ₜₐₖᵢyₐ₋wₐₖᵢyₐ,bᵢₛₜₐᵣ₋wᵢₛₜₐᵣ ₛₐb
ₘᵤⱼₕₛₑ bᵢcₕₕₐᵣ ₖₑ wₒ ₖₐₕₐₐ ₚₐₕₗₑ ⱼₐᵢₛᵢ ₕₐᵢ
Dₕᵢₗₑ ₚₐᵣ gₐyₑ ₖₐₚdₑ₋wₐₚᵣₑ,zₑwₐᵣ₋wₑbₐᵣ ₛₐb

ⱼₐₐ ₖₑ ₖₒᵢ ₖₐₕ dₑ, ₛₕₒₗₒₙ ₛₑ cₕᵢₙgₐₐᵣᵢ ₛₑ
ₚₕₒₒₗ ᵢₛ bₐᵣ ₖₕᵢₗₑ ₕₐᵢₙ bₐdᵢ ₜₐₑyₐᵣᵢ ₛₑ
Bₐₐdₛₕₐₐₕₒₙ ₛₑ bₕᵢ fₑₖₑ ₕᵤₑ ₛᵢₖₖₑ ₙₐ ₗᵢyₑ
ₕᵤₘₙₑ ₖₕₐₑᵣₐₐₜ bₕᵢ ₘₐₐₙgᵢ ₕₐᵢₙ ₜₒ ₖₕᵤddₐᵣᵢ ₛₑ

Bₐₙ ₖₑ ᵢₖ ₕₐdₐₛₐ bₐzₐₐᵣ ₘₑ ₐₐ ⱼₐyₑgₐ
ⱼₒ ₙₐₕᵢ ₕₒgₐ wₒ ₐₖₕbₐₐᵣ ₘₑ ₐₐ ⱼₐyₑgₐ
Cₕₒᵣ ᵤcₕₖₖₒₙ ₖᵢ ₖₐᵣₒ ₖₐdᵣ, ₖᵢ ₘₐₗₒₒₘ ₙₐₕᵢ
ₖₐᵤₙ, ₖₐb, ₖₒₙ ₛᵢ ₛₐᵣₖₐₐᵣ ₘₑ ₐₐ ⱼₐyₑgₐ

ₙₐᵢ ₕₐwₐₒₙ ₖᵢ ₛₒₕₐbₐₜ bᵢgₐₐd dₑₜᵢ ₕₐᵢₙ
ₖₐbₒₒₜᵣₒₙ ₖₒ ₖₕᵤₗ ccₕₐₜ bᵢgₐₐd dₑₜᵢ ₕₐᵢₙ
ⱼₒ ⱼᵤᵣₘ ₖₐᵣₜₑ ₕₐᵢₙ ᵢₜₙₑ bᵤᵣₑ ₙₐₕᵢ ₕₒₜₑ
ₛₐzₐₐ ₙₐ dₑ ₖₑ ₐdₐₐₗₐₜ bᵢgₐₐd dₑₜᵢ ₕₐᵢₙ

ₗₒg ₕₐᵣ ₘₒd ₚₑ ᵣᵤₖ ᵣᵤₖ ₖₑ ₛₐₘbₕₐₗₜₑ ₖyₒ ₕₐᵢₙ
ᵢₜₙₐ dₐᵣₜₑ ₕₐᵢₙ ₜₒ gₕₐᵣ ₛₑ ₙᵢₖₐₗₜₑ ₖyₒ ₕₐᵢₙ
ₘₒd ₕₒₜₐ ₕₐᵢₙ ⱼₐwₐₙᵢ ₖₐ ₛₐₘbₕₐₗₙₑ ₖₑ ₗᵢyₑ
ₐᵤᵣ ₛₐb ₗₒg yₐₕᵢ ₐₐₖₑ fᵢₛₐₗₜₑ ₖyₒ ₕₐᵢₙ (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi)

ₛₐₐₙₛₒₙ ₖᵢ ₛₑₑdᵢyₒₙ ₛₑ ᵤₜₐᵣ ₐₐyᵢ ⱼᵢₙdgₑₑ
Bₕᵤⱼₜₑ ₕᵤₑ dᵢyₑ ₖᵢ ₜₐᵣₐₕ ⱼₐₗ ᵣₐₕₑ ₕₐᵢₙ ₕᵤₘ
ᵤₘᵣₒₙ ₖᵢ dₕᵤₒ, ⱼᵢₛₐₘ ₖₐ dₐᵣᵢyₐ ₛₕᵤₖₕ gₐyᵢ
ₕₐᵢₙ ₕᵤₘ bₕᵢ ₐₐfₜₐₐb, ₘₐgₐᵣ dₕₐₗ ᵣₐₕₑ ₕₐᵢₙ ₕᵤₘ (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi)

ᵢₛₕq ₘₑ ₚₑₑₜ ₖₑ ₐₐₙₑ ₖₑ ₗᵢyₑ ₖₐfᵢ ₕₒₒₙ
ₘₐᵢₙ ₙᵢₕₐₜₜₕₐ ₕᵢ zₐₘₐₙₑ ₖₑ ₗᵢyₑ ₖₐₐfᵢ ₕₒₒₙ
ₕₐᵣ ₕₐₖᵢₖₐₜ ₖₒ ₘₑᵣᵢ, ₖₕₐₐₖ ₛₐₘⱼₕₙₑ wₐₗₑ
ₘₐᵢₙ ₜₑᵣᵢ ₙₑₑₙd ᵤdₐₐₙₑ ₖₑ ₗᵢyₑ ₖₐₐfᵢ ₕₒₒₙ
ₑₖ ₐₖₕbₐₐᵣ ₕₒₒₙ, ₐᵤₖₐₐₜ ₕᵢ ₖyₐ ₘₑᵣᵢ
ₘₐgₐᵣ ₛₕₐₕₐᵣ ₘₑ ₐₐg ₗₐgₐₐₙₑ ₖₑ ₗᵢyₑ ₖₐₐfᵢ ₕₒₒₙ (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi)

Dᵢₗₒₙ ₘₑ ₐₐg, ₗₐbₒₙ ₚₐᵣ gᵤₗₐb ᵣₐₖₕₜₑ ₕₐᵢₙ
ₛₐb ₐₚₙₑ cₕₕₑᵣₒₙ ₚₐᵣ, dₒₕₐᵣᵢ ₙₐₖₐₐb ᵣₐₖₕₜₑ ₕₐᵢₙ
ₕᵤₘₑ cₕₐᵣₐₐg ₛₐₘⱼₕ ₖₐᵣ bₕᵤⱼₐ ₙₐ ₚₐₐₒₙgₑ
ₕᵤₘ ₐₚₙₑ gₕₐᵣ ₘₑ ₖₐᵢ ₐₐfₜₐₐb ᵣₐₖₕₜₑ ₕₐᵢₙ (Rahat Indori Shayari in Hindi)

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